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Versant 4 Skills Essential Test

The Versant 4 Skills Essential Test assesses productive (speaking and writing) and passive (listening and reading) communication skills— all four of which are necessary for effective workplace communication. Employees that demonstrate proficiency in these areas will be able to seamlessly transition between any communication medium, including phone, chat, social media, email, and more.

This 30-minute web-delivered test is the ideal solution for recruiting environments that need quick and reliable results. With bullet proof automatic scoring that is virtually indistinguishable from human scorers, test scores are available online within minutes.

versant 4 essential skills

A look into our test

Test takers respond to questions and provide writing samples via computer allowing us to evaluate each candidate's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Millions of data points are collected throughout the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test that feed into our patented scoring algorithm.

versant passage reconstruction

Passage Reconstruction

During this question type, test takers have 30 seconds to read a paragraph before it disappears, then will have 90 seconds to reconstruct the paragraph in their own words.

Performance on this task feeds into reading and writing scores.

versant dictation


In this task, test takers listen to a sentence and then type the sentence exactly as it is heard. Sentences are presented in order of increasing difficulty.

Performance on this task feeds into listening and writing scores.

versant conversations


During this task, test takers will hear a recorded conversation between two people, followed by a question. They will be asked to give a short, simple answer to the question.

Performance on this task feeds into the listening score.

Other question types in the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test include Repeats, Sentence Builds, and Sentence Completion.

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