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Versant Writing Test

In a time when online chat support is a key part of customer service offerings, ensure your employees have the reading and writing skills needed to have positive interactions with your customers with our 35-minute written English test.

Using a computer in either online or offline mode, candidates respond to workplace-related situations that require written English, including taking notes, summarizing, and responding to emails.

With test results available in minutes, corporations and call centers trust the Versant Writing Test’s advanced auto-marking to make an unbiased evaluation of candidates’ writing abilities.

versant writing test

A look into our test

Test takers respond to questions and provide writing samples via computer allowing us to evaluate each candidate's grammar, vocabulary, organization, voice & tone, and reading comprehension. Millions of data points are collected throughout the Versant Writing Test that feed into our patented scoring algorithm.

versant sentence completion

Sentence Completion

In this task, test takers read a sentence that has a word missing, and they supply an appropriate word to complete the sentence.

Performance on this task feeds into the vocabulary score.

versant passage reconstruction

Passage Reconstruction

During this question type, test takers have 30 seconds to read a paragraph before it disappears, then will have 90 seconds to reconstruct the paragraph in their own words.

Performance on this task feeds into the grammar and reading comprehension scores.

versant email writing

Email Writing

In the Email Writing task, test takers will read a description of a situation and write an email addressing the issues described in the situation.

Performance on this task feeds into the grammar, vocabulary, voice & tone, organization, and reading comprehension scores.

Other question types in the Versant Writing Test include Typing and Dictation.

The Versant Writing Tests are very useful in developing email skills. We use the tests to create content for our custom email 2.0 classes. The most useful feature for me? The assessment of email “Voice and Tone” - such email skills are the ones that make all the difference for employees working across cultures and teams. I see the Versant Writing Test as a key tool to help us maximize the return on our time and training dollars.

- Alka Pinto, Lead - India Learning Center at Qualcomm India

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