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English is the official language of the professional world. Give professionals at any level the opportunity to thrive in their career by enabling their progress with English language learning.

The Versant™ Professional English Test from Pearson English is a 60-minute comprehensive proficiency test that measures an individual’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. The test can be used for benchmarking and evaluation as part of a business English course or for development and advancement purposes. With questions based on real-life workplace scenarios, you can be confident that your employees will be ready for an international working environment.

Objective test that helps companies and individuals alike

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Invest in your employees and let them thrive in an international workplace.

Getting an accurate measure of your employees’ English skills will help you set clear baselines, provide targeted professional development opportunities and monitor their progress. This test gives you rich data on your employees' English abilities and next-step recommendations to develop and upskill your resources.


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Private Language Schools

Provide impactful English teaching services to corporations and individuals looking for career advancement.

Using Versant before, during or after an English course can give you an objective measure of the impact of your training services. With this test, instructors can have an accurate picture of learners’ abilities, develop targeted training and measure their progress. Comprehensive score reports give insights to uncover any learning needs, including customized suggestions for improvement and lesson planning.

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Training Providers

Prepare students who are enrolled in employability or vocational training programs for new professional opportunities.

Trainers use Versant at the start and end of a course to assess their student’s English proficiency. This test can help trainers set clear baselines and closely monitor learners’ progress in preparation for the next step in their career.


A look into our test

The Versant Professional English Test includes two levels that allows us to precisely evaluate, measure and report at a granular level. Test levels are based on CEFR ranges, where Level 1 is designed to assess abilities across the pre-A1 to B1+ range, and Level 2 is for the B1+ to C2 range. Test takers may be assigned a level based on prior test results, their instructor’s assessment or be asked to identify their own level.

Test takers are presented with 10 different question types designed to assess speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Millions of data points are collected throughout the Versant Professional English Test that feed into our patented AI scoring algorithm.

Here are examples of the different questions available in the test.

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Speaking Situations

In this task, test takers listen to and read a brief scenario and then answer 2 questions as if they were in the situation they just listened to. They will have 10 seconds to prepare a response and 1 minute to respond.

Performance on this task feeds into the Speaking score.

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Response Selection

In this task, test takers listen to a sentence and 3 possible responses. They will then have 8 seconds to select the appropriate response from 3 possible choices.

Performance on this task feeds into the Listening score.

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Reading Comprehension

In this task, test takers will see passages on the screen and receive 2 comprehension questions. They will have 3 minutes to read each passage and answer the questions.

Performance on this task feeds into the Reading score.

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Email Writing

In this task, test takers will be presented with a short description of a situation and must write an email in response to that situation. They will have 9 minutes to read and respond.

Performance on this task feeds into the Writing score.

Other question types in the Versant Professional English Test include Sentence Completion, Passage Reconstruction, Dictation, Passage Comprehension, Repeat, Speaking Situations, and Story Retellings.

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