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Recruit and develop the best talent with Versant by Pearson Tests

Comprehensively assess listening, reading, speaking and writing skills with fast, accurate and bias-free testing suitable for high-volume talent acquisition, employee development and mobility decisions.

  • Millions of tests issued each year
  • Delivering AI-based language tests for over 25 years
  • Trusted by more than 1,200 businesses, governments, and universities worldwide
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Reasons why customers choose Versant by Pearson

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Issue tests quickly and receive results within minutes

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Our AI technology accurately assesses language proficiency without human bias

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Practical, business-relevant content to evaluate language skills in a real-world context

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Simple to use

Quick and easy to administer and track results through a dedicated dashboard

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24/7 test availability on website, mobile or desktop

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Ensures data privacy with anonymous test ID numbers

“Since Versant [by Pearson's] integration with our internal English training program, test scores are now used to set standards for all of our overseas representatives. Versant [by Pearson] allows us to recognize our employees' practical speaking ability – something that can't be done with a paper-based test.”
Deputy Manager, Human Resources Department, Nikkei


Of customers say Versant by Pearson Tests helps reduce time-to-hire*


Of customers say hiring with Versant by Pearson Tests significantly or substantially improves communication with clients and customers*

Versant by Pearson Tests

Evaluate all four language skills or assess specific abilities.

Other spoken language tests are available in Arabic, Dutch, French and Spanish, supporting HR professionals, government agents, and school administrators to quickly measure the core speaking skills of their staff and students. Used for recruiting, training and development, and program placement.  

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Frequently asked questions

Versant by Pearson offers advanced language testing, backed by 25 years of expertise in language assessment. It is an ideal solution for recruitment and learning and development, using cutting-edge AI technology to measure an individual's language proficiency, enabling efficient and precise identification of linguistic capabilities. Simplify your language assessment process and streamline your talent acquisition and employee development efforts. 

Versant by Pearson can be your trusted partner in making informed recruitment decisions. It provides you with accurate insights into a candidate's language ability, helping you select the best fit for your organization. For existing employees, it can help identify areas for improvement, supporting their career growth.

Absolutely. Versant by Pearson is designed to cater to diverse language learning levels and job functions. It can help assess language skills across various roles, ensuring everyone in your organization communicates effectively.

Versant by Pearson Tests scores are 100% AI-based. However, that doesn't mean that humans aren't involved in the process. Pearson's machine-learning technology is trained by expert graders to look for the same traits as they do when assessing language, meaning results offer high correlation with expert human examiners but without human biases or errors.

Every Versant by Pearson Test provides a detailed report on the candidate’s individual language skills, highlighting areas for improvement. These insights can guide your training initiatives, ensuring your learning and development programs are targeted and effective.

Versant by Pearson offers comprehensive reports, providing deep insights into language skills. This data can inform your workforce planning strategy, helping you make decisions that empower your team and drive business success.

Yes, Versant by Pearson supports integration with various systems, making it easy to incorporate into your existing HR or learning and development platforms.

You won't believe how quick it is. Versant by Pearson provides test results almost instantly. As soon as a test is completed, the system evaluates the responses and generates a detailed report. So, you're not left waiting around for results – you can make informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

*A 2023 Pearson-conducted global customer survey of 34 Versant by Pearson Test customers.