Increase Sell-Through

We want to help you drive sell-through of Pearson products by making students aware that they need to purchase their assigned materials in order to succeed in their course. In addition to the do-it-yourself options below, we can help you with:

  • Presentations on the first day of class showing why they need the materials their instructors have selected.
  • In-store training for your staff on adopted technology products included in our packages.
  • Point of sales support such as shelf-talkers and posters.

Contact your Pearson rep to organize sell-through support.

Get Ready for Rush

  • Professional Development. We’re happy to provide important in-store training for your staff on MyLab & Mastering, REVEL, and other technology products required by your customers. Request an in-store training event before rush.
  • In-Store Support. Generic templates and product-specific shelf tags for textbooks and technology are available for point-of-purchase marketing. Check out the resources above or email us at for more in-store support.
  • Priority Orders. OASIS, Pearson’s 24/7 Order and Shipment Information System, is the fastest way to submit and receive orders. It also lets you easily track orders and credits and check price and availability of our products. OASIS orders placed before 1:00 pm ET ship the same day if the product is available. Learn more or sign in.

Find your place in the transition to digital delivery

As more institutions transition to digital delivery of course materials, college resellers play a new and critical role in the value chain. Pearson can help establish an innovative and sustainable model for the distribution of digital materials by offering students greater convenience and consistent pricing. Plus, 100% of course materials transactions go through the campus store.

Learn more about our innovative digital materials distribution model for college resellers

More Help with Sell-Through 

Report a slow-moving title

Having trouble with slow-selling Pearson adoptions of 100 copies or more during rush? Report these Pearson Education titles to during rush, and we’ll help you move those books off your shelves by contacting key faculty and implementing solutions.

Connect with faculty

Our representatives work with instructors to prepare them for discussing the importance of required course materials for their classes and the impact they have on students’ grades.

Connect with Pearson

Our Channel Partnerships team is here for you. Simply email to let us know how else we can support your store, staff, and students!

Apply your competitive advantage by selling custom titles. Custom titles represent a competitive advantage at your store since these titles have a unique ISBN and are not available online. In other words, your store is the only place this custom book will be available, which will drive customers to your shelves.

Educators who have partnered with us to create a custom book are naturally invested in the product and will require it and work from it in their classes. Since students are only paying for what they will use in class, they perceive custom products as valuable.