Pathways Model for Math

Pathways is a new course model whose goal is to accelerate students through the developmental math sequence, while tailoring the material to each student’s specific educational needs. These courses often emphasize the conceptual over procedures, and present the math through contextual applications.


Pearson offers a variety of solutions for a pathways course. Learn more about each program on the Titles tab. All are intended for use a one-semester alternative to the traditional two-semester developmental algebra sequence, and are designed to quickly prepare students for a non-Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (non-STEM) college-level course.


Reducing students’ time in developmental math, encouraging them to engage with concepts through applications, providing the content they truly need—pathways courses are a growing solution for student success! Contact your Pearson representative if you’re interested in trying a pathways solution at your school, or if you’d like to get involved in the development of future pathways projects.

Pathways Solutions