Non-course-based Remediation Model for English

Solutions for the Non-course-based Remediation Model

Depending on the skills your program addresses, one or more of these products may be right for you. Pearson products are designed with personalized learning in mind, and all offer quantifiable data to help instructors measure individual student progress.


Addresses reading, writing, math, and ESL skills for non-native speakers and covers reading, grammar and listening skills.

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MyFoundationsLab for Career Readiness

Includes workplace-related skills, such as: reading for information, locating information, applied math, listening for understanding, teamwork and business writing modules. This version of MyFoundationsLab is designed to prepare students to earn the National Career Readiness Certificate from ACT.

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MyFoundationsLab for Student Success

Also includes critical personal and professional soft skills.

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MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep

Addresses the four areas of the 2014 GED® Exam: Reasoning Though Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science.

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Combines diagnostics, practice exercises, and powerful assessment to improve reading skills and reading level.

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Offers skill remediation and improves student writing with two practice engines: writing skills and writing practice.

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Combines reading and writing remediation.

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Pearson Writer

A course-independent writing coach.

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