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Learning is essential and so are teachers

In these unprecedented times our main priority has been to support our teachers with online/offline resources, please see link to some of the resources.

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Pearson Africa Primary Education


At primary, we consult with local educators to develop core and supplementary learning materials for local curricula that cover a wide range of subjects and levels.

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Pearson AFRICA Higher Education

Higher Education

In Higher Education, Pearson is constantly creating and innovating more effective and affordable ways to learn as technology and new learning styles are continually...

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Pearson Africa English Language

English Language

Pearson excels at teaching English. We have developed English learning material from preschool to secondary school, from higher education to the workplace.

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Pearson AFRICA Higher Education

Teacher Support

Whether you teach in a traditional classroom or online, Pearson Africa's expertly-developed educational technology products will enrich both teaching and learning.

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