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Pearson Africa partners with relevant institutional and government stakeholders across the continent to  provide governments and academic institutions with specialised learning materials and support, from early childhood learning to professional certification.In Eswatini, we have titles that have been approved and prescribed for the curriculum. Our popular titles include The Pearl, Business Accounting, Tale of Tamari, Fikile and Pearson Secondary Atlas

Popular Titles

The  Pearl

The Pearl

ISBN: 978058246147

Author: John Steinbeck

New Longman Literature titles provide an excellent selection of popular modern fiction and are suitable for 14–18 year olds and of all abilities. – Notes and questions are provided at the beginning of each section to help guide the student’s understanding of key themes and language. – A programme of study provides practice in skills required at KCSE. – Other features include an introduction, ideas for further reading and a comprehensive glossary. – “You have defied not the pearly buyers, bu the whole structure, the whole of life, and I am afraid for you.” When Kino discovers a magnificent pearl, he thinks that he has found security and comfort for his wife and son, butinstead it only brings sadness.

The  Pearl

Maskew Miller Longman Tale of Tamari

ISBN: 9780636077973

Author: Shimmer Chinodya

“Tamari liked maths and art. She loved to draw faces, and pictures of birds, flowers and animals. And she liked poetry and music. She was a bit too shy to dance, but played bass in the school marimba band. She loved netball too…”

Tale of Tamari is a new title from Shimmer Chinodya, the award-winning Zimbabwean writer. Tamari is a fourteen-year-old girl, whose parents have died. She lives with her younger brother and four lodgers, while her greedy Uncle Banda is more concerned about the money he can make than looking after Tamari and her brother.

Selection of African Poetry

Selection of African Poetry

ISBN: 9780582016835

It now includes more poems from different parts of the continent, in particular Liberian and Lusophone poetry, as well as more examples of traditional poetry. The new edition contains:

 - A new preface

 - An expanded introduction

 - Biographical details on the poets and a general overview of their work

- A commentary, and line-by-line explanatory notes on each poem

- In-depth questions for the student  

Business Accounting Volume 1

Business Accounting Volume 1

ISBN: 9781292208626

Frank Wood’s Business Accounting Volume 1, the world’s bestselling textbook on book-keeping and accounting, continues to provide an indispensable introduction for students and professionals across the globe.  

Now celebrating more than 50 years in publication, the 14th edition has retained all the essence of what makes this the go-to textbook for accounting and book-keeping, but has also undergone significant changes and revisions based on reviewer feedback. With the inclusion of brand new chapters such as ‘Maths for Accounting’, combined with the reorganisation of chapters, and revision of end-of-chapter questions, this book will provide all the support you will need for learning key accounting topics.