What we do

We recognize that the only way to keep pace with all of the exciting opportunities in education is to challenge the traditional models of developing new ideas.

We find smart people — partners and customers inside and outside the company — who can positively impact our business and learning outcomes.

That means working with technology partners who can help us put education in the hands of more people around the world, in more inspiring ways. And working with local experts who know better than anyone what's needed to solve the challenges where they are.

Below are some examples of how we're doing that.


Smarter Digital Tools

Tools yet to be unleashed to those who might benefit most - educators and learners.

The Problem Solvers

The teachers, the students and the radically disruptive nuns who are leading a global learning movement

Future Jobs

Employment in 2030: Skills, Competencies & the Implications for Learning

Open Ideas at Pearson

The Open Ideas series

Charting Equity

Charting Equity in Higher Education: Drawing the Global Access Map