Tools & Resources

These tools and resources to help us embed efficacy into everything we do.

Pearson’s Efficacy Framework

We all spend lots of time thinking about how to support learners in reaching their goals. But how do you know whether you will achieve the learner outcomes you want? At Pearson we have designed the Efficacy Framework, a tool that uses a tried and tested method to help understand how products or services can achieve their intended outcomes or results.

On the Road to Delivering Learning Outcomes

In 2013, we announced our commitment to efficacy: that we would improve the outcomes delivered by our products and services and publicly report on our progress and results. We made this promise because we wanted to galvanize our company, our customers, our learners, and the sector behind a single mission: improved outcomes for billions of learners around the world. This publication describes our journey, what efficacy looks like in practice, shares some early successes and lessons, and presents examples of people and organizations outside of Pearson who are also embracing efficacy.

Product Life Cycle

For Efficacy and Research to take shape in Pearson they must be embedded in every stage of product development. The Product Lifecycle is our global set of practices and tools that help Pearson develop market leading products and underpin all product investment.