Pearson's Efficacy Framework

We all spend lots of time thinking about how to support learners in reaching their goals. But how do you know whether you will achieve the learner outcomes you want? At Pearson we have designed the Efficacy Framework, a tool that uses a tried and tested method to help understand how products or services can achieve their intended outcomes or results.

Our Efficacy Framework asks questions that are designed to help you to explore what efficacy means and identify any barriers to delivering your desired outcomes for your learners. It will also help you to identify possible ways to improve your product, service or class so that it has a better chance of delivering high quality learning, and therefore making a greater impact on lives.

The Framework has four sections:

  • Outcomes
  • Evidence
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Capacity to deliver

In each of these sections you will need to consider three areas that contribute to a product or service’s efficacy and answer questions about different factors that affect efficacy. You answer these questions by assigning a colour rating. At each stage you will be given guidance on what these colour ratings mean and shown some worked examples for you to assess your own product or service against. There’s space for you to make notes too.

At the end of each section, you will need to review your answers and select a summary rating. Then, when you have been through the whole Framework, you should select one overall rating. This final rating will be based on your judgement, and on your answers to the questions in each of the sections. There is no wrong answer, and the final report will only be for your use, although you may want to share it with colleagues.

You might like to revisit the Framework in the future to check your scores and keep track of your progress.

Check out how the Keewatin School District in Canada applied Pearson’s Efficacy Framework to support their district improvement initiative where they made progress in student achievement, building a teacher-driven culture and more.

Rural Canadian District Leverages Efficacy As A Path To Improvement