About Sustainability

Transforming Our Impact

While global demand for education is rising and technology is improving access and affordability, inequality remains a worldwide problem.

In order to meet growing global demand and opportunity, we need to build trust by upholding the highest standards, and lead in creating solutions to the world’s biggest social, economic and environmental challenges.

To do this successfully, and to meet the needs of our fast-changing world, we are transforming Pearson.

We are becoming:

  • Increasingly global
  • Digital and data-driven
  • More personal and locally relevant, and
  • Closer to the people who use our products and services

We are transforming sustainability at Pearson to respond effectively to the world’s biggest challenges, maximize the value we create for and increase our positive impact on society.


Reimagining Sustainability at Pearson

In 2015, we began to reimagine sustainability at Pearson to ensure our strategy and business activities match our ambition to be the global leader in education. We explored those opportunities where we can create greatest long term value and we reviewed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, identifying where our business can contribute most to these.

Over the past year we have engaged with our stakeholders to understand their needs, and reveal the issues that require our sharpest focus.

Learn more about our material issues

Our New Sustainability Plan

In 2016, we developed our new 2020 sustainability plan, setting out our five-year vision to integrate sustainability into our business and to help drive forward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We will do this by:

Over the coming years, this will guide us as we implement targets and measures, and it will help us assess progress and report on our performance.