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2015 Sustainability Reporting

Our 2015 Sustainability report was published in July 2016, and covers data from 1 January to 31 December 2015. This report marks a new approach to sustainability at Pearson.

In addition to reporting on our past year’s performance, it sets out a new vision for an embedded approach to sustainability across our business. It also provides the framework for more robust goals and targets.

Our reporting framework

For the first time we are reporting according to Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 reporting guidelines, including the media sector supplement. Over the coming years, we aim to continuously improve our reporting practices.

Learn more about GRI G4 at globalreporting.org

Our Annual report 2015 includes a summary of the issues covered in this report and, as required by 2013 amendments to the UK Companies Act, comprises a separate strategic report with disclosures on human rights, gender diversity, and greenhouse gas emissions and a fully compliant directors report.

See the list of Material issues and their relevance to GRI G4 and in our 2015 GRI tables.


Our 2015 environmental data was assured by independent external assurance providers. In 2015, this was completed by Corporate Citizenship.

We have also engaged Deloitte to comment on the robustness of our data collection process. We recognize the importance of assurance for building credibility and driving performance. As in previous years, we will aim to address the recommendations made for improvement, and to report on our progress in next year’s environment report.

United Nations Global Compact

Pearson was a founding signatory to the Global Compact in 2000, and considers its ten principles in our reporting process.

The Global Compact has successfully engaged many thousands of companies around the world in considering their responsibilities on issues of labor standards, human rights, environmental management, and corruption. As a former member of the Advisory Council, Pearson is proud to have played a role in this success by guiding the early development of the Global Compact.

Learn more about UN Global Compact

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Our website and reporting report have been prepared by Pearson’s sustainability and social innovation team in consultation with other key departments within Pearson. We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please email sustainability@pearson.com with any questions or comments.