Reach more learners


Our 2020 Sustainability plan is built around three pillars: Be a trusted partner, Reach more learners, and Shape the future of education. This section explains ‘Reach more learners’.

Reach more learners

We have a long-term growth objective to reach 200 million learners annually by 2025 – more than doubling our reach. This will require innovation in all aspects of our business. Our product development processes foster creative and rigorous solutions to education challenges. The expansion of our digital products offerings allows us to make products more accessible, affordable, and effective. We also collaborate with organizations across sectors to address some of the biggest education challenges including illiteracy, gender equality, and education in conflict and emergency settings.

Pillar summary: Reach more learners

The table below summarizes the areas of our operations covered by our ‘Reach more learners’ pillar. Each of these areas are explained in more detail in our Sustainability report 2015.

Innovate to improve access to quality education

Learners are the core focus of our business. We research, design, develop, and continuously improve our products and services to deliver the best possible learner outcomes, and work towards our end goal of helping people make progress in their lives through learning.


  • The Pearson Product Lifecycle
  • Digital reach

Enhance the affordability and accessibility of our offerings

Lack of access to quality education is a global challenge that impacts both developing and developed economies. Two huge barriers that we are determined to address are the affordability of products and services, and their accessibility to those with special needs.

By offering a portfolio of affordable, accessible products and services across multiple platforms, we hope to access new business opportunities and create the foundation for lifelong learners who see Pearson as a partner to meeting their education needs.


  • Affordability
  • Pearson Affordable Learning Fund
  • Tomorrow’s Markets Incubator
  • Accessibility

Collaborate to improve access to quality education

Improving access to quality education is not something any one sector can solve alone. We collaborate with private, public, and non-profit organizations to
increase our impact.