Heinemann Chemistry 1, 6th Edition is available now for 2023 implementation. Heinemann Chemistry 2, 6th Edition will be released in 2023 for 2024 implementation. Heinemann Chemistry 2, 5th Edition is current and available until the new study design is implemented.

  • Year Levels 11–12
  • Curriculum VIC
  • Subject Science
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital
  • Learning Focus Chemistry
  • Last Updated Oct 2022

What it is

Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition is your one stop shop for VCE success by completely addressing the VCE study design requirements for teachers and students. It includes:

  • expertly authored content, developed in partnership with the Chemistry Education Association (CEA)
  • past VCAA exam questions with examiners' notes
  • new videos in partnership with VolkScience and SPARKlabs in partnership with PASCO
  • a wealth of teacher support to support implementation.

How it helps


Confidence-building assessment: Scaffolded hints, auto-correction, and instant feedback in digital assessment questions enable learners to work independently and make decisions about their next steps.

Engaging practicals and lab activities: Guide learners through the process of inquiry and investigation with SPARKlab, stimulating practical activities developed alongside PASCO.

Tailored exam preparation: Adapt practice exams for learners and consolidate learning with engaging VolkScience tutorial and VCAA exam question videos.


A streamlined eBook and assessment platform: Prepare more effective chemistry instruction with an eBook packed with teaching resources and assessment tools.

Increased potential for differentiation: Gauge learner progress with online assessment and tracking tools and plan lessons to address learning gaps accordingly.

Extensive teacher support: Access resources suited to new and experienced chemistry teachers alike, including fully worked solutions, sample teaching plans, VCAA exam mapping and practical activity support.

What it includes

Discover how Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition improves teaching and learning outcomes.

Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition


The long-trusted series provides quality content that completely covers the 2023–2027 Chemistry Study Design.

All expertly authored content, developed in partnership with the Chemistry Education Association, offers the rigour and depth required to address the new VCE requirements, saving you time and making your transition to the new study design easy.

Offering new features to address emerging needs, the sixth edition has also retained the features you loved in the fifth edition. It provides:

  • videos produced in partnership with VolkScience
  • digital assessment including interactive questions and SPARKlab practical activities
  • a clear and well-paced layout
  • language more accessible to students
  • comprehensively addressed key science skills
  • carefully written and reviewed VCAA practice exam questions with examiners notes
  • all the resources and teacher support needed to transition to the new study design with confidence.

Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition

eBook + Assessment

Educator access

The eBook + Assessment benefits educators by including:

  • a comprehensive sample teaching plan
  • a suite of practice exam materials
  • rich support for area of study 3
  • solutions and support for the skills and assessment book
  • digital assessment and reporting which can be used to:
    • assign work
    • track student progress
    • identify gaps in student learning
    • inform planning and remediation.
Learner access

The eBook + Assessment benefits learners by including:

  • digital assessment questions with:
    • scaffolded hints
    • instant feedback
    • auto-correction
  • fully worked solutions in the student book
  • VolkScience Tutorial and VCAA exam question videos
  • SPARKlab versions of the skills and assessment book practical activities developed in collaboration with PASCO and partners Cider House Tech.

Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition

Student Book

The Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition Student Books include:

  • content completely covering the VCE Chemistry Study Design 2023-2027
  • best-practice literacy and learning design to ensure content and concepts are accessible to all learners
  • new case studies with real-world data and analysis questions
  • a smooth progression from low to high order questions in section, chapter, and area of study reviews.

Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition

Skills and Assessment Book

The Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition Skills and Assessment Books include:

  • a skills toolkit for essential assessment support
  • key knowledge study notes
  • worksheets and practical activities
  • VCAA exam and exam-style questions for each area of study
  • sample Area of Study 3 investigations.


Key Knowledge in the VCE Chemistry Study Design 2023–2027

This webinar provides an overview of the Heinemann Chemistry 1, 6th Edition resources and 2023–2027 Chemistry Study Design. It covers:

  • key knowledge in the 2016–2022 study design
  • relevant key knowledge in the 2023–2027 study design
  • key learning concepts for students
  • new assessment requirements.


Introduction to the VCE Chemistry enhanced eBook + Assessment

Learn how Pearson’s new enhanced eBook with Assessment saves you time and enhances student learning. It covers:

  • how to use the digital assessment tool to:
    • inform planning
    • assign student work
    • track learner progress
    • identify gaps in understanding.
  • how the educator-designed interactive lab activities, SPARKlabs, guide learners through the process of inquiry and investigation.

Heinemann Chemistry

Sixth Edition Partners

The Chemistry Education Association is a not-for-profit that promotes chemistry teaching and learning in schools and that led and coordinated the author team for Heinemann Chemistry.

VolkScience produced videos for Heinemann Chemistry, 6th Edition to help make learning chemistry simpler, more fun, and more accessible.

PASCO, with Australian partners Cider House Tech, provides SPARKLabs digital practical activities for Heinemann Chemistry.

Samples & downloads

Tools and materials to help you unlock Heinemann Chemistry

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Additional sample pages for Heinemann Chemistry 2, 6th Edition will be available soon!

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