Coping with a study abroad program cut short by COVID-19

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Sydnie Ho
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I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. After months of convincing my parents, filling out paperwork, and taking extra classes to make this possible, I was finally going to Australia. I was so ready to have the best semester of my life! As I began my study abroad journey in February, it quickly became one of the best months of my life. There was something about Australia; there was a certain charm to it that made me fall in love instantly. I had quickly made so many memories, and met so many people from all around the world, it was unreal. 

Then the virus hit. Something I would have never imagined would be an obstacle became a reality. I can’t even describe the emotions that went through my mind the week my mom told me to come home, but that week was one of the hardest weeks I’ve ever had to go through. After being home for 2 weeks now, I’ve had some time to process my experience. Maybe this will help give others some insight, too.