It’s Valentine’s Day and You’re Single: Six ideas to try

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Charlotte Fieffe
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Driving around my neighborhood recently, I noticed the painted hearts on business windows and heart-shaped wreaths on doors and realized Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Although many deem the holiday as a way for businesses to bank on the idea of "love" by selling the masses sappy chocolate shaped hearts and $2 roses that die the next day, it doesn't take away the meaning that you were thought of enough to be given any of those things. But if you're single, that might be another story. Don't worry, I have six amazing ideas that you can do on your own or with friends that will make the idea of Valentine's mean so much more than that sad lumpy teddy bear in the back of your closet that you got from that one friend.

Pack a Picnic

First up on the list is a park picnic! This idea is so cute and is definitely one of my favorites. Gather your friends and let everyone bring their own dish from home (or store bought, we don’t judge). Spread out a nice blanket, play music in the background, and you have an easy way to bring your friends together for a nice day out in the park.

Create a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are often the highlight of many gatherings! You can go with the theme of the holiday or go completely off script, it's really up to you! Everyone can bring their own charcuterie board imagination extravaganza and enjoy the night with each other.

Take Time for Self-Care

This can be a solo event or coordinated with a group of friends! Take some time to take care of yourself however you see fit whether that be eating out, journaling, putting on a face mask, whatever you want! Checking up on yourself physically and mentally is probably the best kind of love that you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day! You deserve it!

Express Yourself Through Art

Consider taking an art or pottery class. As with the self-care option, this can be done solo or with a friend. It will be nice to find local classes, and it is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing! You can take something home from the experience and learn something new! If you have not tried taking an art class or pottery class, it’s a great way to put yourself out there and to meet new people.

Settle in for Movie Night

Host your own movie marathon this Valentine’s Day! Grab some popcorn and some friends and host a romantic or rom-com movie night! Make everyone choose a movie to watch or make your own curated list of movies for the night. It’s a fun way to spend time with your friends and to indulge in some of that chocolate!

Explore a Bookstore or Museum

Find a local bookstore or museum and spend the day there. After browsing some shelves, splurging on some books, or viewing some paintings and sculptures you can dine at a restaurant and enjoy the rest of your day. I really love this idea of exploring your local area a bit more, because you never know what you can find!

I hope this post has given you a rekindled spirit when it comes to Valentine’s Day as well as some new things to try this year. Whether you go solo or with a group of friends, have a safe and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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