Preparing for Graduation – The Final Semester

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CJ Schumacher
A brick entrance sign to Michigan State University surrounded by foliage and white mums.

Late nights with your friends from all over the world, cramming for exams, going to on campus events, laughing, crying, and spending college are all things that will be tough to leave once graduating from college. College has been a time filled with very high highs and low lows, but the experiences that college has brought for me is something that I will always remember and be grateful for experiencing.

Planning Ahead

As graduation draws near, college seniors are soaking up the last minutes to make the most out of their college experiences. For myself, there are many things that I am doing to preparing for the nerve-wracking time that is rapidly approaching. Here’s what I am doing to prepare from a social and professional standpoint which I think are both important.

Staying in Touch

As for the social aspect, I want to maintain the friendships I have created throughout my college years. The friends that I have made along the way are truly like no other and have been there with me through the ups and the downs of my college career. I don’t want to let the last few stressful months diminish any relationships, so I am making the most out of the time I have left of being able to see some of my very good friends every day.

Thank Your Employer

College was a time I prepared in many ways for my life outside of college. Working jobs and internships have been some of the ways I have gained professional experiences that have changed my life. As a senior, I have been preparing to wrap up my time as a college worker for my two jobs that I have had. From this I think it is important to thank your employers for the experiences that they have assisted you with and may have provided you with. This can be an email or handwritten letter, but I think maintaining professional relationships can be very powerful and no matter what the job was make sure they know it was impactful for you as a student. I have been reaching out to my past employers and making sure I am able to stay in touch with them. I believe jobs can give you experiences that can affect you as a person no matter how small or large the job or internship was.

Everyone has a different story when it comes to their higher education story, and this can determine how you wrap up your time as an undergraduate student. Making the most of your time at your university is important and don’t forget to cherish your last few weeks as a college student.

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