Three Actions to Take Better Care of our Planet

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Emilie Conners
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April 22nd. You might remember this day in elementary school as the day your teacher gave you coloring pages with themes of trees, the ocean, and recycling. However, the older we get, the more important this day becomes. Earth Day is all about educating yourself on the ways that you can practice taking better care of the planet. Excess waste is a huge contributor to pollution which harms the earth’s atmosphere which, in turn, will harm us.

There are tons of different factors that impact the planet and many small lifestyle changes that can make a difference. Here are 3 actions we can practice to take better care of our planet, on Earth Day and every day!

Help Clean Up

One easy way to celebrate Earth Day is to participate in a trash cleanup! Joining a big group event or getting together with some friends to remove trash from parks, lakes, beaches, and rivers, all makes a difference. Participating in these types of events helps reduce waste and plastic pollution, plus protects the environment for both wildlife and humans.

Shop Smarter

Fast fashion is another culprit of causing extremely high emissions of pollution into our atmosphere. Educating yourself on environmentally friendly fashion choices will help move the world closer towards sustainability.

Adapt To an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

There are many small lifestyle changes you can make that can make a difference. You can reduce your plastic usage by using reusable bags when you go grocery shopping. Further reduce your plastic usage by taking a reusable water bottle with you. Look for ways to regularly recycle plastic, aluminum, and glass where you live. Making a few of these small changes in the way you live your life can dramatically change the impact you have on the planet and the example you set for others.

Find More Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

It can be easy to forget the impact we have on the planet by the actions we take every day; therefore, Earth Day serves as an important reminder. There are tons of changes you can make today to help better the planet and focus on keeping it healthy and beautiful.

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