Make the Most of Spring

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Amanda Souter
An outdoor spot on the campus of Indiana University. Spring flowers are blooming and the trees feature purple buds.

Spring is here! Many students have returned from spring break and are now headed full-speed to the end of the term. With the stress of impending exams and project due dates it’s easy to not take time to prioritize yourself first and pause to take in Spring. Here are some of my favorite things to do to make the most of this season!

Outdoor study sessions

This perfect in-between weather allows for the opportunity to sit out in the sun and study. Finding a great, quiet place to study on campus such as a park or courtyard will enhance your focus with the fresh air. Invite your friends to come with you and step out of your apartment or dorm.

Stay active

Take your workout outside! Whether it's going for a run, playing sports, or taking a walk, physical activity can boost your mood and energy levels. An after class walk around your campus with your friends is one of the best mood boosters for the semester.

Spring cleaning

Take time and declutter and organize the space around you. Having a clean and tidy space will motivate you to get through your midterms and finals which are around the corner. Every day try to make your bed and clean your desk to start and end your day.

Plan a trip

After those midterms you deserve a break from studying and the campus. Book a trip home or to one of your favorite places. Take the time to unwind and relax from the school setting and let your mind focus on yourself to take a breath. Having something to look forward to besides the summer will allow you to take some stress off your mind.

Practice self-care

It is important to prioritize yourself during the academic year. Whether it is going on that walk, eating healthy, enjoying your favorite hobby, practicing mindfulness, make sure to do something for yourself.

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