Career Connections: Sports Management

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Amiaya Ross
A collage of 3 photos: upper left is a group of 7 women – 6 are wearing sailor hats; lower left is the blog author with a football bowl trophy, and on the right is the University of South Alabama football stadium.

While growing up, I was always involved in sports in various aspects. Whether I was playing on the field, supporting my siblings, or watching games on television, sports was a part of nearly everything I did. This happened quickly from a young age. At the time it didn’t occur to me that sports could be an area where I’d find my future career.

First There Was Football

My favorite sport to watch has always been football. Football has always been a big thing in my family, from Friday night lights to NFL Sundays. I have always enjoyed the lively and social atmosphere on game days. This led me to wanting to pursue a football game day staff position at my local university during my senior year of high school. I enjoyed every minute of my experience there.

Campus Job

As soon as I started college, I reached out to acquire a similar position and was hired by my university’s athletic department as an Event Services and Facilities Operations Student Assistant. In my role, I get to work and connect with so many staff members across the various different athletic departments, as well as external visitors who use our facilities on campus.

Taking It to the Next Level

This past semester, I recently started a position as a football equipment manager. This has been one of my favorite positions, since in this role I get to be more involved with what happens on the field and not just the stadium. Although both of my roles include many long and busy days and nights, I believe that getting involved in the sports industry has been one of the best experiences so far.

Over the last three years, I have gained and developed numerous skills, such as communication and time management, that have been beneficial outside of work. I have had the best experience working in the sports industry so far, which is why I have decided to pursue a career within the industry after graduation. My goal is to someday work in event operations at a professional sports stadium or arena.

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