Other spoken language tests

Evaluate the spoken skills of your job candidates or students with our accurate and reliable language tests.

Available in Arabic, Dutch, French and Spanish, our 15-minute tests help HR professionals, government agents, and school administrators to quickly measure the core speaking skills of their staff and students.

And because our scores are backed by the most comprehensive AI technology, you can have confidence that score results are the most objective and reliable.

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Other Spoken Language Tests

  • Available in Arabic, Dutch, French, and Spanish
  • Use for recruiting, training & development, program placement
  • 15-17 minutes, depending on test
  • Scores available: overall, fluency, pronunciation, sentence mastery, vocabulary
  • Computer or smartphone based
  • Online or offline testing available
  • Random test form to prevent cheating

How they're used

  • To evaluate a candidate's speaking skills in the recruiting process or in training programs
  • To assess the language capability of bilingual employees
  • To hire government agents for immigration or border protection which require specific spoken language skills
  • To certify bilingual teachers
  • To evaluate students' spoken language skills

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