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Versant English Placement Test

Get ahead of the curve by placing students before the semester begins using our 50-minute Versant English Placement Test.

This comprehensive test was specially designed for English language learners to automatically evaluate speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills by computer, with detailed score reports including current capabilities, and suggestions for improvement. Score mappings to common scales like GSE, CEFR, and TOEFL make it easy to integrate results into your existing enrollment process.

Using auto-marking technology, academic institutions and private language schools throughout the world use Versant to evaluate the English communication skills of their students.

versant english placement test

A look into our test

Students respond to questions and provide writing samples via computer allowing us to evaluate each test taker's speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

versant sentence completion


During this task, test takers will hear a recorded conversation between two people, followed by a question. They will be asked to give a short, simple answer to the question.

Performance on this task feeds into the listening score.

versant summary & opinion

Summary & Opinion

In this section, test takers read a passage then write a short summary of the author's option, and their opinion on the topic.

Performance on this task feeds into reading and writing scores.

versant email writing

Sentence Builds

During this question type, test takers listen to a group of three short phrases presented in random order and then rearrange the phrases to make a sentence.

Performance during this task feed into speaking and reading scores.

Other question types in the Versant English Placement Test include Read Aloud, Repeats, Typing, Sentence Completion, Dictation, and Passage Reconstruction.

We needed a computer-based test that was easier to administer, had a secure testing and scoring process, and provided accurate and reliable results. We got all of that with the Versant English Placement Test.

- Khaled Khorshed, Manager of the MUST Test Centres at Misr University for Science & Technology

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