New Language Leader

New Language Leader is the ideal choice for universities and university pathway institutions looking to develop well-rounded, high-flying students. Build learners’ confidence and skills to succeed in academic study and use English in a globalized world.

For adult learners British English Print and digital 5 levels GSE: 22-79 CEFR: A1-C1

About the course

Build learners’ confidence and skills to succeed in academic study and use English in a globalized world

Develop critical thinking, exam and English skills with authentic, engaging material that supports teachers and learners.

New Language Leader combines a general English syllabus, academic English language skills and exam preparation, building learners’ confidence and skills for future academic studies. Study skills and materials are embedded into every unit, plus assessment content supports both learners and teachers.

Learners explore real-world English with authentic material featuring real English expressions and scenarios. The unique “Meet the Experts” videos provide genuine interviews with real professionals in a range of careers, sharing their experiences with learners.

New Language Leader is supported by MyEnglishLab, with automated marking to help improve your teaching efficiency and gradebook insights for optimized lesson planning.

Why choose New Language Leader?

Unique balance of academic and general English, with a focus on exam and study skills
Engaging content and topics, including inspiring, authentic video interviews with real professionals
Supported teaching with automated marking and gradebook functionality

New Language Leader is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners' progress: 

  • Teach with New Language Leader
  • Assess with Versant English Placement Test (VEPT)
  • Certify with Pearson Test of English (PTE)

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