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With a three-part program that builds skills and confidence, and makes sure learners are always on the optimal path to fluency.


English courses that are relevant, motivating and engaging


English assessments that help learners build a growth mindset


English certifications to prove learners' language skills and help reach their goals

Underpinned by the Global Scale of English

Why educators choose Pearson Connected English Learning Programs

Why learners love Pearson Connected English Learning Programs

Pearson Connected English Learning Programs for all learners

Whether you’re introducing young learners to English, seeking to inspire teenagers or helping adults get their dream job or achieve a life goal, our Connected English Learning Programs can support you.


Support your learners’ next stage of learning English with relevant topics, modern content and activities that build transferrable skills.

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Test prep

Passing an exam can open a world of opportunities for learners. Our products help prepare test takers for success in exams and in life.

Inspire learners and build their skills with Pearson English Readers

Aligned to the Lexile Global Framework for reading and the Global Scale of English, our Readers are the perfect partner to power up any learner’s journey to fluency.

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Powering the Pearson Connected English Learning Program: The Global Scale of English

Discover the powerful tool at the heart of our learning programs and find out how it can boost your learners' confidence, keep them motivated and give them unparalleled insights into their English language abilities.

Unlock the power of the GSE

"I know the GSE has helped us improve our program, and in turn, that has helped students have a more coherent flow from level 1 to 6 without a lot of hard jumps between them. The student learning outcomes are directly affected by the GSE, as they are designing the course based on the needs students have identified for themselves; therefore, there is a direct impact."
Mary Peabody, Director of Education and Jerry Docarmo, President and CEO of Harvest Institute

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