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It’s time to make a change: research sparks the need for a game-changing shift in English language learning*

54% of learners say their formal education did not prepare them with suitable English language proficiency, with only 25% saying they are confident in all four essential language skills.

Take a moment to read our full report. It provides the data needed to fuel your efforts for change. You'll also find helpful recommendations on how Pearson can support you.

Prepare your learners with the language skills and confidence to succeed

Your learners are asking for help in two key areas.

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Empower your learners with the skills, confidence and fluency they really need for the workplace and life

Fast-track your learners’ English fluency with the Global Scale of English.

Specifically designed to boost learners’ skills and confidence using English, Pearson’s Global Scale of English (GSE) is the essential tool for English language educators and learners.

Use the GSE to:

  • Pinpoint learners’ current skill level on the detailed 10-90 scale
  • Set personalized learning goals for every learner, in every language skill
  • Track your learners’ progress at every step of the journey

The result of extensive global research with more than 6,000 educators, the GSE extends the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and other traditional language learning frameworks to provide unparalleled insights into learners’ English language capabilities, helping you monitor progress more closely and build skills efficiently.

With five detailed learning frameworks, including General, Academic and Professional English, the GSE is ready to help you empower your learners with the English skills they really need, now.

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Put your learners on a personalized path to success

All underpinned by the GSE, our courses, assessments and certifications come together to create the Pearson Connected English Learning Program. The result of 25 years of research and experience, the customizable program supports educators and learners to advance and prove English fluency. 

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560 minutes of speaking practice in your learners’ pockets

Powered by the GSE, Mondly by Pearson is the perfect way to supplement your language teaching and build your learners’ confidence in speaking English.

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"The Global Scale of English is the most useful tool available for teachers in the market. We encourage every single teacher to use it."
Macarena Sanzano, Coordinator of the English for Work Program, Ministry of Education, GCBA
"Teacher education must rethink the way it prepares future teachers. Unless teacher training focuses more on the skills needed for real-world communication, the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application is likely to persist, leaving today's learners and tomorrow's workers frustrated with knowing the rules but being unable to use them when they need to communicate."
Belgin Elmas, Head of the English Language Teaching Department, TED University

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*Survey of 5,000 speakers of English as a second or additional language from across the globe, conducted by PSB Insights and Pearson, October 2023. For full details, check out the Research Overview in the Global report.