The Global Scale of English

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What is the GSE?

The Global Scale of English (GSE) motivates learners and builds their confidence by helping them understand their English language abilities precisely and accurately.

It results from extensive global research, going beyond other language measurement tools, such as the CEFR, to provide unparalleled insights into learners’ skills.

Learners can have total confidence in their skill level by pinpointing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills on the simple 10-90 scale. And, with detailed learning objectives for every point on the scale, learners can advance their abilities with a highly personalized learning pathway.

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Discover the Global Scale of Languages

Building on the leading research and frameworks of the GSE, the Global Scale of Languages (GSL) supports educators and learners of French, German, Italian and Spanish to fast-track progress.

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Why choose the GSE?

For learners of all ages, from pre-primary through to adults
For professional, academic and general English language applications
One simple scale, one path from course to assessment and certification
Shows incremental progress to motivate and build confidence
“The Global Scale of English represents the most significant advance in performance-based approaches to language learning, teaching and assessment since the development of the Common European Framework of Reference.”

David Nunan Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics, University of Hong Kong

Who is the GSE for?

The GSE is the intelligence powering every element of our learning programs. It is our number one offering for all of our Pearson English community.

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Our latest research reveals the profound impact of English on personal fulfillment and business growth, and why it's time for a shift in education. The findings are clear: it's never been more beneficial to build confident English skills.

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