English test security

Our security is first-class and trusted around the world. From state-of-the-art biometrics to video and audio monitoring, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to delivering accurate and secure test scores.

A multi-layered approach to security

Advanced biometrics

We use digital photographs, palm vein scanning and electronic signatures to authenticate the identity of every test taker

Secure test centers

We use video and audio monitoring in our test centers to provide a secure environment for test takers

State-of-the-art software

Test questions are randomly selected from a vast question bank so it’s highly unlikely that any two tests will be the same

Why are our test scores trusted globally?

PTE Academic is one of the most secure English tests in the world. We take extra care to reduce the risk of cheating and gamification to ensure the end result is an accurate representation of a test taker's ability. This is why governments, institutions, companies and test takers trust in our scores.

Paperless testing

From registration through to delivery of results, PTE Academic is the only fully computerized English test. This eliminates the chance of exam papers being copied, stolen and leaked, or of certificates being forged.

Randomized test forms

Our PTE Academic test is built intelligently from a large question bank, and our software ensures each test has an almost identical difficulty level and no two test takers’ experience is the same. 

Invigilator to test taker ratios

The ratio of invigilators to test takers is an important indication of test security within the test room. PTE Academic has an invigilator to test taker ratio of 1:15, so that's one invigilator to every 15 test takers.