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Boost your earning potential up to 80% with better English language skills*

Our latest research reveals that higher English proficiency correlates strongly with higher salaries, better job opportunities and a better social life too. 

Download the global report to explore the findings for English language learners from different generations all over the world, or check out our key findings infographic for all the need-to-know facts.

Empower your tomorrow with confident English skills

Explore the life-changing opportunities available to English language learners.

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"Over the years, the ability to be fluent in English, combined with a set of skills and drive, has brought me several opportunities. These have obviously reflected on my remuneration and the life I can provide for my family. It got me to a place I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I could be."
Cinthia Nespoli, Chief Legal officer, Pearson, Brazil 

Start building English language fluency and confidence today

Ready to live your best life in English? Fast-track your English skills with the Global Scale of English.

The findings are clear: it’s never been more beneficial to improve your English proficiency.

Specifically designed to boost your skills and confidence using English, Pearson’s Global Scale of English (GSE) is an essential tool for accelerating your English language skills. Use the GSE to:

  • Accurately assesses your current skill level
  • Set personalized learning goals
  • Track your progress at every step of the journey

Built on extensive research, the GSE goes beyond traditional language learning frameworks to provide unparalleled insights into your English language proficiency.

Serious English learners: find out how to fast-track your progress now.

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"Without strong English, jobs requiring international communication often become 'off-limits', hindering career advancement and income potential. It's like locking yourself out of higher-paying opportunities. The good news is you can unlock these doors. Invest in improving your English and watch your world expand. Connect confidently, learn freely and reach your full potential."
Kris Lynne D. Tinaza, Vice President for Talent Acquisition, MicroSourcing, Philippines

Supporting your English language learning journey, so you can make progress, fast

Powered by the GSE, our app-based learning builds your language skills and confidence at work, at home and on the go.

Almost half of learners use social media to support their English learning

English language learning happens in everyday life, and we get real about it on social media.

Join the learners using social media to advance their English skills and become a part of our social media learning community, where you can discover:

  • Language learning tips
  • New vocabulary, expressions and how to use them
  • Real language learning stories

Plus, support and inspiration from our growing online community.

Check out our channels and follow us for regular language learning posts and videos to help build your skills and confidence.

*Survey of 5,000 speakers of English as a second or additional language from across the globe, conducted by PSB Insights and Pearson, October 2023. For full details, check out the Research Overview in the Global report.