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Help your learners get off to a flying start by placing them in the right English class on their first day.

The easy way to measure their ability in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

For placement and benchmarking For ages 16+ Online and offline Test length: up to 1 hour Results: Less than 1 hour

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Navitas case study

"Versant's reliability and quick results enable students to make informed decisions about their study options quickly. VEPT gives us a competitive advantage every day." ​
Tony Cullen​
Executive General Manager, Marketing & Sales, Navitas University programs​


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A smarter way to test language skills​

Place students before the semester begins using our 50-minute Versant English Placement Test

Why choose Versant by Pearson

Versant English Placement Test delivers fast and accurate English placement test, available anytime, anywhere. Empower your institutions with upfront visibility into students' English proficiency. ​

  • Quick and easy​
  • Scalable​
  • Fast turnaround​
  • Reliable​


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Meaningful results to help inform teaching​

The score report provides an accurate overall score and diagnostic breakout scores in all four areas. There is strong concordance with IELTS, TOEFL and CEFR.​

Rich detail also includes:​

  • Suggestions for improvement​
  • Detailed descriptions of language capabilities​
  • Score mappings to GSE and CEFR​
  • Suggested relevant activities in Pearson courses

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