Cutting Edge

Make learning memorable and engaging with Cutting Edge. Featuring a wide range of contemporary topics and video materials to contextualize grammar and vocabulary, learners discover English in real-world contexts.

For adult learners British English Print and digital 6 levels GSE: 22-79 CEFR: A1-C1

About the course

Inspire learners to discover English through tasks in real-world contexts

Give your learners effective English guidance with a task-based approach to language learning.

Cutting Edge Third Edition helps educators actively encourage learners to expand their knowledge of global issues. Language Live and World Culture lessons build learners’ speaking confidence and empower them to participate in discussions.

Digital and print resources plus activities and feedback in our digital platform give learners more control of their learning journey. There are opportunities for learners to practice and improve more quickly with the Study, Practice, Remember content and videos for extra review.

Cutting Edge helps reduce teachers’ preparation time with a clear design and course navigation. The content contains objectives linked to the Global Scale of English and CEFR, making lesson planning more effective.

Why choose Cutting Edge?

Keep learners motivated with a broad range of content and resources
Give learners control of their learning with exercises and feedback in our digital platform
Improved content design and navigation reduce lesson planning time

Cutting Edge is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners' progress: 

  • Teach with Cutting Edge
  • Assess with Versant English Placement Test (VEPT)
  • Certify with Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Fast-track your learners’ progress with the Global Scale of English

Discover the powerful tool at the heart of all our products and find out how it can boost your learners' confidence, keep them motivated and give unparalleled insights into their English language abilities.

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