Build speaking confidence with Speakout, the four-skills general adult course focusing on real-world English. Developed in association with BBC Studios, this comprehensive course helps learners speak with confidence. The British English third edition contains AI speaking activities for practice outside the classroom, plus mediation lessons and a focus on Future Skills. The popular second and American English editions are also available.

For adult learners American and British English Print and digital 6 levels (American) / 8 levels (British) GSE: 22-79 (American) / 22-90 (British) CEFR: A1-C1 (American) / A1-C2 (British)

About the course

Using everyday digital lifestyle content, learners are encouraged to embrace a variety of accents to develop their English speaking skills

Speakout encourages learners to embrace English's vocal side and develop reading, writing and listening skills. The course advances overall fluency and learners' confidence to be themselves in English. Featuring integrated skills for employability, including mediation lessons and 'future skills' training to prepare learners for a changing workplace.

Learners are exposed to various languages and accents through authentic video clips to build the skills they need to express themselves confidently in real English-speaking situations. Speakout helps learners build confidence in understanding context and communicating using authentic, real-world language, engaging activities and recycling language.

The Speakout series is available in British or American English and is the go-to course for teachers looking for comprehensive four-skills coverage, emphasizing developing learners’ confidence in speaking English.

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Why choose Speakout?

Reinforces learning and encourages self-study
Incorporates ‘future skills’ training
Features a variety of accents to assist with understanding practice

Courses available

Speakout American English

Six-level general course for adults, with a strong emphasis on building confidence in speaking.


Speakout British English

Third edition of eight-level general course for adults, developed in association with BBC Studios. All-new content, video and interactive speaking activities.


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