Tips to Help Instructors Feel Inspired at the Start of a New School Year

Dr. Terri Moore, Faculty Advisor, Pearson | August 14, 2023 in Higher Education

Smiling African American teacher giving lecture.


We survived teaching through the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching in the early days post-pandemic, and this year we thought we would be returning to some new normal in our classrooms.

But wait, there are new (and not so new) mine fields I’m expected to navigate?!

  • ChatGPT??
  • Political climates influencing what and how we teach??
  • Continuing updates to accessibility??
  • Commitments to inclusive teaching??

I feel a weariness creeping in as I struggle to stay enthusiastic about this new school year. So, I sought solace from like-minded educators and sources to help renew my excitement and confidence about stepping into the limelight with a whole new, unknown group of students.

I found this quote from a fellow teacher.