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50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8, 3rd edition

  • Terry L. Norton
  • Betty L. Land

Published by Pearson (April 29th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

3rd edition

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50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8 (Subscription)

ISBN-13: 9780132999151

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Table of contents

PART I Creating Successful Literacy Lessons

Format for Literacy Lessons

Procedures for Generalizable Teaching Strategy


PART II Word Recognition Strategies: Sight Words, Context Clues, Morphemic (Structural) Analysis, Phonic Analysis

1 Pocket Chart

2 Word Wall for Sound-Symbol Relationships

3 Modified Cloze Technique

4 Masking

5 Language Experience Approach for Sight Word Development

6 Phonograms: Hink Pinks, Hinky Pinkies, and Hinkety Pinketies

7 Word Building

8 Multiple Word Meaning Matching Game

9 Word Detective Cards

10 VAKT for Sight Word Recognition and Spelling


PART III Vocabulary Strategies

11 Semantic Feature Analysis for Narrative and Informational Text

12 Concept of Definition or Word Map

13 Thinking Tree

14 Semantic Mapping or Webbing

15 Magic Squares

16 Context Puzzles

17 Closed and Open Word Sorts

18 Concept Circles

19 Analogies

20 Frayer Model


PART IV Comprehension Strategies

21 Chaining for Time Order or for One-to-One Cause and Effect and/or Problem Solution

22 Chaining for Multiple Causes and Effects or Problem Solutions

23 Plot-Relationship Chart

24 Story Pyramid

25 Picture Walk or Text Walk

26 Readers’ Theater

27 KWL

28 SQ3R 1

29 Mapping with Guided Reading Procedure (GRP)

30 Reciprocal Questioning (ReQuest)

31 Comparison–Contrast Chart and Venn Diagram

32 Character Map

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