A History of the World Economy: International Economic Relations since 1850, 2nd edition

  • James Foreman-Peck

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The text offers a comprehensive account of the evolution of world trading relations, of the migration of capital and people, of slumps and recessions, and of the successes and failures of exchange rate regimes.

Table of contents

1. International economic relations in the middle of the nineteenth century 2. Economic links between Britain, India and the United States at the mid-century 3. Liberalisation and free trade 4. International factor mobility 1850-1875 5. The world monetary system 1850-1875 6. International trade and European domination 1875-1914 7. Capital movements 1875-1914 8. International migration 1875-1914 9. The heyday of the international gold standard 1875-1914 10. International trade in the twilight of liberal capitalism 11. The disintegration of the gold standard 12. The redirection of the international economy 1939-1953 13. The new liberal trade order 14. The Bretton Woods system and its transformation 15. The search for a new regime: the world economy of the 1980s Postscript Glossary

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Published by Pearson Canada (September 1st 1994) - Copyright © 1995