Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 9th edition

  • James S. Frideres
  • René R. Gadacz

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

ISBN-13:  9780132161978


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Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, with an extensive reorganizatoin and revision for its ninth edition, continues to provide a current and comprehensive introduction to Native Studies. Approaching events from the perspective of both the majority and the minority, it traces the history and evolution of Aboriginal—Non-Aboriginal relations over time. You will come away from the text with an understanding of Aboriginal rights within the context of the Canadian Constitution and Canadian society as a whole. Analytical in nature, Aboriginal Peoples in Canada supplies a critical interpretation of the events that have shaped Aboriginal-Euro-Canadian relations and illustrates how these relations have in turn formed the structure of Canadian society.

Table of contents

  1. Colonialism and Aboriginal Peoples
  2. Aboriginal Identity and Belonging
  3. Demographic Profile of Aboriginal People
  4. Social Profile of Aboriginal People
  5. Great Strides and New Challenges: City Life and Gender Issues
  6. David and Goliath: Aboriginal Organizations and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs
  7. First Nations: Contesting Title and Ownership
  8. The Métis: The “Original” Canadians
  9. The Inuit: Recognition in the 21st Century
  10. Self-Determination and Self-Government
  11. Multiculturalism Economic Involvement of Aboriginal Peoples
  12. Conclusions: Canadian Aboriginal Peoples in Global Context

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