Aboriginal Policing: A Canadian Perspective, 1st edition

  • Bryan D. Cummins
  • John L. Steckley

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Targeted primarily at the two-year Police Foundations Program, with potential in university and university college criminal justice and criminology programs.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of aboriginal policing, including native policing traditions; a history of the impact of policing on Canada's First Nations; contemporary issues and native policing arrangements; experiences of native police officers; and future trends in the field.

Table of contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. The Legal and Political Framework for Aboriginal Policing.

 3. Aboriginal Policing in British Columbia.

 4. Aboriginal Policing in Alberta.

 5. Aboriginal Policing in Saskatchewan.

 6. Aboriginal Policing in Manitoba.

 7. Aboriginal Policing in Ontario.

 8. Aboriginal Policing in Quebec.

 9. Aboriginal Policing in Atlantic Canada.

10. Aboriginal Policing in the Territories: Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

11. Experiences in the Field.

12. Conclusions.




Published by Pearson Canada (June 28th 2002) - Copyright © 2003