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Acoustics in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences: An Introduction, Loose-Leaf Version, 1st edition

  • Ian R. A. MacKay

Published by Pearson (August 8th 2013) - Copyright © 2014

1st edition

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Acoustics in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences: An Introduction gives readers a clear, comprehensive understanding of acoustics in the context of human communications through examples and analogies from everyday life or general experience. Mathematically the book stops short of calculus, using inductive reasoning to present material that can be proven only with calculus, and presenting multiple examples of mathematical calculations, with very explicit steps. Included are Questions and Problems sections focusing on often-misunderstood areas; Closer Look sections reinforcing and strengthening understanding of the material; and non-conventional, but scientifically accurate explanations of certain phenomena.

Table of contents


Chapter 1  Preview


Chapter 2   The Nature of Sound Part I


Refresher A   Graphs

Refresher B   Atmosphere


Chapter 3  The Nature of Sound Part II

Refresher C   Scientific Notation

Refresher D  Significant Digits


Chapter 4   Analog Signals and Digitization

Refresher E   Binary Numbers


Chapter 5   Complex Waves


Chapter 6   Recording


Chapter 7   Spectra


Chapter 8   Analysis

Refresher F   Measurement

Refresher G   Estimate Answer


Chapter 9   Decibels and RMS

Refresher H   Numerical Scales

Refresher I   Logs


Chapter 10   Filters


Chapter 11   Resonance


Chapter 12   Vowels and the Source-Filter Theory

Refresher J   Phonetics


Chapter 13   Consonants


Chapter 14  Suprasegmentals


Chapter 15  Psychoacoustics


Appendix Front Matter                                                           

Appendix 1   Formulas

Appendix 2   Values

Appendix 3   Units

Appendix 4   Abbreviations


Glossary  /  Index       

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