Administering for Quality: Leading and Collaborating in Canadian Early Childhood Education Programs, 6th edition

  • Karen Chandler

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This sixth edition of Administering for Quality: Leading and Collaborating in Canadian Early Childhood Education Programs is intended to facilitate early childhood educators’ understanding of leadership, professional, and advocacy responsibilities. Considering that each educator’s influence on young children and families is so lasting, it is important to be prepared for this commitment.

Although primarily written for EC programs at the post-secondary level, this book serves as a resource for program improvement and in preparing for credentialing. A rich source of information for leaders at all levels, this book includes up-to-date Canadian statistics, highlighting current research, and identifies a variety of resources including vital web inks.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Defining Quality Early Childhood Programs

Chapter 2 Social Policy and Roles of Government

Chapter 3 Understanding Leadership in Early Childhood Programs

Chapter 4 Understanding a Social Systems Framework in Early Childhood Programs

Chapter 5 Accountability, Planning and Evaluating Program Goals

Chapter 6 Human Resources Management

Chapter 7 Promoting Professionalism

Chapter 8 Policies & Procedures to Create Safe and Healthy Learning Environments

Chapter 9 Financial Matters

Chapter 10 Advocating for Canada’s Children

Appendix Provincial Legislative Offices, Regulations, and Early Childhood Organizations

Published by Pearson Canada (April 16th 2018) - Copyright © 2019