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  5. ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++

ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++, 2nd edition

  • Larry R. Nyhoff
ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++

ISBN-13:  9780131409095

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Abstract data types (ADT's) and data structures are key elements in unlocking the power of object-oriented programming. Designed for CS2 course; this popular book thoroughly covers ADTs (Abstract Data Types), data structures, and their use in problem solving. The text guides the student through the development of ADTs such as stacks, queues, and binary trees, the use of key data structures such as arrays, classes and linked lists to implement ADTs, and problem solving using Object-Oriented Design (OOD) methodologies. Algorithms required to design arid implement ADTs in C++ are given thorough treatment along with a solid introduction to the Standard Template Library (STL). C++ topics such as recursion, inheritance, and polymorphism are introduced and some C-style topics relative to data structures are also provided. Using examples, case studies and exercises from various areas of computer science, author Larry Nyhoff offers the student a solid foundation for further studies in CS while providing concrete tools for unlocking the power of C++.

New to the Second Edition
  • New chapters on searching and C++'s I/O and string classes
  • Improvements and additions to diagrams
  • Consistent naming conventions
  • Complete source code for ADTs
  • Expanded treatment of selected topics on the text's website
  • Introduces UML and uses UML-style diagrams for ADT specifications

Table of contents

 1. Software Engineering.

 2. Introduction to Data Structures and Abstract Data TypesÑC-Style Types.

 3. Procedural Programming, Structures, and Classes.

 4. Standard I/O and String Classes.

 5. Lists.

 6. Stacks.

 7. Queues.

 8. Templates and Standard Containers.

 9. Recursion and Algorithm Analysis.

10. More Linked Lists.

11. Binary Trees and Hash Tables.

12. Sorting.

13. OOP and ADTs.

14. Trees.

15. Graphs and Digraphs.

Appendix A: ASCII Character Set.

Appendix B: Number Systems.

Appendix C: Basic C++.

Appendix D: Other C++ Features.

Appendix E: Answers to Quick Quizzes.


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