Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals, 2nd edition

  • Robert F. Pierret

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Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals, Second Edition, by Robert F. Pierret is an advanced level presentation of the underlying functional formalism routinely used in describing the operational behavior of solid state devices.

The second edition provides an update of the topic presentation, semiconductor parametric information, and relevant references throughout the volume. There is also a 50% increase in the end-of-chapter problems. Given the success of the first edition, the second edition retains the same overall material coverage and a pedagogical approach in introducing necessary concepts, models, and formalism.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with References and Problems.)

1. Basic Semiconductor Properties.

General Material Properties. Crystal Structure.

2. Elements of Quantum Mechanics.

The Quantum Concept. Basic Formalism. Simple Problem Solutions.

3. Energy Band Theory.

Preliminary Considerations. Approximate One-Dimensional Analysis. Extrapolation of Concepts to Three Dimensions.

4. Equilibrium Carrier Statistics.

Density of States. Fermi Function. Supplemental Information. Equilibrium Concentration Relationships. Concentration and E F Calculations.

5. Recombination-Generation Processes.

Introduction. Recombination-Generation Statistics. Surface Recombination-Generation. Supplemental R-G Information.

6. Carrier Transport.

Drift. Diffusion. Equations of State.


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