Advice Business, The: Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting, 1st edition

  • Charles J. Fombrun
  • Mark D. Nevins

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KEY BENEFIT: The dramatic growth of the consulting industry in the last 20 years can, in part, be traced to rapid changes in technology that have provoked dramatic changes in the ways companies compete. Consultants provide companies facing such rapidly changing environments with an important means of developing, acquiring, and processing much-needed know-how. Increasingly, consultants have proved to be a vital strategic weapon that companies rely on to improve their competitiveness in a world characterized by technological convergences, strategic consolidations, and growing interdependence. KEY TOPICS: The Advice Business introduces readers to the art, the practice, and the problems that consultants face. The book sheds light on the complex roles that consultants and consulting firms play in enhancing the effectiveness of their clients. Contributions of both academics and practitioners to this emerging field include original case descriptions based on real consulting assignments, and career advice. MARKET: For consultants in varying areas of expertise, and for the clients and potential clients in need of their services.

Table of contents


 1. The Advice Business: The Industry of Consulting, by Charles Fombrun & Daniel Oriesek.

 2. The Anatomy of a Consulting Firm, by David Maister, Maister & Assoc.

 3. Thought Leadership: Making Sense of What Consultants Do, by Carol Ballock.

 4. Innovation: The Growth Engine of Consulting, by Robert L. Laud.

 5. The Future of Management Consulting, by Douglas M. McCracken.


 6. The Consultant's Toolkit, by Charles J. Fombrun.

 7. Thinking Like a Consultant, by Charles J. Fombrun and Mark D. Nevins.

 8. From Insight to Impact: Communicating to Influence, by Mark D. Nevins.

 9. Developing Proposals, by John C. Scott.

10. Managing Projects, by Charles A. Nichols, III.


11. Gathering Data and Diagnosing Situations, by Toby J. Tetenbaum and Ron Carucci.

12. Interventions: Getting the Client to Change, by Ron Carucci and Toby J. Tetenbaum.

13. Facilitating Change: Implementing a Results Orientation, by Robert A. Neiman.

14. Delivering Effective Presentations, by Robert D. Lilien and A. Cowpland Harris.


15. Bringing Discipline to Strategy, by Kevin P. Coyne and Somu Subramaniam.

16. Strategic Sourcing, by Timothy M. Laseter.

17. Large-Scale Change in the Strategic Enterprise, by Elise Walton and Peter Thies.

18. Aligning Business and Technology Strategy, by Charles Durrant and Deborah Baxley.

19. Consultant/Client Partnerships, by Craig Hart, Gloria Moon, and Soam Goel.

20. Handling Financial Risk: An Application to the Oil and Gas Industry, by José E. Molina and Pedro Masetto.

21. Reputation Consulting, by Charles J. Fombrun and Scott D. Meyer.

22. Quickly, Into the Breach: Building a Venture Consulting Firm, by Mikelle A. Calhoun, Charles J. Fombrun, and Robert L. Laud.


23. The Consultant's Role, by David H. Maister.

24. Strong Ethics: The Cornerstone of Professionalism in Consulting, by Daniel R. Idzik and Mark D. Nevins.

25. So You Want to Be a Consultant?, by Mark D. Nevins and Kristina Alterson.

26. Consultancy Markting: Developing the Right Mindset, by Deon Binneman.

27. Interviewing with Consulting Firms, by Charles J. Fombrun and Daniel Oriesek.

28. Testimonials from Consultants, by Daniel Oriesek and Charles J. Fombrun.



Published by Pearson (July 12th 2003) - Copyright © 2004