Air Pollution and Climate Change: The Biological Impact, 2nd edition

  • AR Wellburn

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Fully revised and updated, now available in paperback, surveys the problem of air pollution and climate change, with colour plates to illustrate the effects of air pollution on the environment. The text concentrates on the mechanisms of action of air pollutants and acid rain from biological tissues to a global scale.

Table of contents

1. Introduction.
2. Sulphur dioxide.
3. Nitrogen dioxide.
4. Ammonia and sulphides.
5. Acid rain.
6. Ozone, pan and photochemical smog.
7. Stratospheric ozone depletion and enhanced UV-B Radiation.
8. Global warming.
9. Other pollutants.
10. Recent forest decline.
11. Interaction and integration.
1: Free radicals.
2: Acidic, pH, pKa and microequivalents.
3: Glossary and units.

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Published by Pearson (May 2nd 1994) - Copyright © 1994