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An Active Practicum Guide for Early Childhood Educators, 1st edition

  • Barbara Marcus
  • Diane Nyisztor

Published by Pearson Canada (October 15th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

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An Active Practicum Guide for Early Childhood Educatorsis the first text to address your specific needs for your early childhood practicum. The goal of this text is to support and guide you through a successful practicum experience by focusing on quality involvement and planning for young children. A practical tool, this text contains many suggestions, tools, strategies, and links to resources for you to apply to your practices as well as insights from other practicum students, educators, and directors to help you reflect upon their own experiences.

Table of contents


  1. Practicum Realities
  2. The Centre, Educator, Children, and Families
  3. Basic Practicum Interactions, Interventions, and Strategies
  4. Sustaining Children’s Development and Learning
  5. Guidance, Play, and Curriculum
  6. Concept Learning and Dynamic Development
  7. Developing Experiences
  8. Integrating Plans, Emergent Ideas, and Topic Modules
  9. Authentic Practicum Challenges and Rewards
  10. Advanced Practicum Competencies and Looking Forward

 Appendix: Canadian Occupational Standards





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