Analog Signals and Systems, 1st edition

  • Erhan Kudeki
  • David C. Munson

Analog Signals and Systems

ISBN-13:  9780131435063

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Analog Signals and Systems by Erhan Kudeki (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and David C. Munson, Jr. (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) offers a thorough presentation of analog circuit, signal and system analysis techniques by two highly respected authors.  This book has been classroom tested for eight years in a sophomore-level course that covers all of the essentials of both circuit analysis and analog signals and systems, leading directly to a junior/senior-level course on digital signal processing. This approach saves time in the curriculum and relates the abstract signals and systems material to circuits used for signal processing. The book is equally useful for a course that follows directly onto a freshman/sophomore course based on Signal Processing First, James H. McClellan, Ronald Schafer, and Mark Yoder, or that follows a standard course on circuit analysis. The pedagogy adopted uses a “just in time” approach in the discussion of:

• Electrical circuit fundamentals

• Analysis techniques of linear circuits

• Linear systems concepts applicable to circuits and signal processors

• Frequency domain techniques in circuit and system analysis

• Fourier series and transforms with circuit and system applications

• Analysis and design of AM radio receiver using Fourier tools

• Time-domain description of analog signal processing

• Sampling and reconstruction

• System stability and implications

• Laplace transform with applications in circuit initial value problems

• Elements of analog filter design


A suggested set of lab experiments include measurement and/or design projects related to major concepts covered in the classroom – the labs provide students a taste of how signal and system theory applies in practice.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 0 Analog Signals and Systems– The Scope and Study Plan 1
  • Chapter 1 Circuit Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2 Analysis of Linear Resistive Circuits
  • Chapter 3 Circuits for Signal Processing
  • Chapter 4 Phasors and Sinusoidal Steady State
  • Chapter 5 Frequency Response H(ω) of LTI Systems
  • Chapter 6 Fourier Series and LTI System Response to Periodic Signals
  • Chapter 7 Fourier Transform and LTI System Response to Energy Signals
  • Chapter 8 Modulation and AM Radio
  • Chapter 9 Convolution, Impulse, Sampling, and Reconstruction
  • Chapter 10 Impulse Response, Stability, Causality, and LTIC Systems
  • Chapter 11 Laplace Transform, Transfer Function, and LTIC System Response
  • Chapter 12 Analog Filters and Low-Pass Filter Design
  • Appendix A Complex Numbers and Functions
  • Appendix B Labs
  • Appendix C Further Reading

Published by Pearson (February 29th 2008) - Copyright © 2009