Analysis of Musical Form, The, 1st edition

  • James R. Mathes

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The Analysis of Musical Form emphasizes aural comprehension, incorporates recent analytic methodologies, and addresses musical form as both process and design. KEY TOPICS: analysis of tonal design, thematic types and phrase structure, formal functions, musical texture, cadences and tonality, innovative approaches to formal processes in 20th century music; concepts of form as design and form as process MARKET: For readers interested in musical form and basic analytic techniques.

Table of contents

Preface and Acknowledgements


List of Recorded Examples


Part I:  Formal Design and Structure: Analytic Concepts and Tools

   Chapter 1:    On the Nature of Musical Form                                 


                        Formal Design and Formal Structure                         

                        Formal Processes and Functions                                

                        Form, Style and Genre                       

                        Perception of Musical Form


   Chapter 2:    Tonal Design                                                              


                        Phrase, Cadence, and Key

                        Cadences and Segmentation

                        Tonal Design and Key Relations

                        Analysis of Tonal Design


   Chapter 3:    Thematic Design and Phrase Structure                      


                        Thematic Design

                        Motives and Themes

                        Thematic Models of Phrase Structure


   Chapter 4:    Phrase Rhythm and Form                                          


                        Phrase Rhythm Defined

                        Phrase Connections:  elision, links, overlap,

                        Phrase Expansions:  introductions, internal expansions, extensions

                        Analysis of Phrase Rhythm


   Chapter 5:    Formal Functions and Musical Texture                     


                        Expository Function

                        Introductory Function

                        Transitional and Developmental Function

                        Closing and Framing Function

                        Parenthetical Function

                        Phrase Expansions and Formal Functions

                        Definitions of Musical Textures

                        Vocal and Instrumental Textures

                        Texture and Formal Design

                        Texture and Formal Processes




Part II:  Forms of Music


Chapter 6        One Part and Binary Forms                                       


                        One Part Form:  Preludes, Periods, Phrase groups

                        Simple Binary Forms

                        Balanced Binary Form

                        Rounded Binary Form

                        Expanded Binary Form


Chapter 7        Ternary and Composite Forms                                   


                        Simple Sectional Ternary Form

                        Continuous Ternary Form                  

                        Large and Compound Ternary Forms


Chapter 8        Sonata Form                                                               

Principles of Classical Sonata Form





Sonata Form in the 19th and 20th century


Chapter 9        Modifications of Sonata Form/ Cyclic Forms           


                        Slow Introduction

                        Sonata Form without Development

                        Sonata Form in Concerto Movements

                        Cyclic Form and Arch Form


Chapter 10      Rondo Form                                                               


                        Principles of Rondo Form

                        Baroque Rondeau

                        Five-Part Rondo

                        Seven-Part Rondo

                        Sonata Rondo Form


Chapter 11      Ostinato and Variation Forms                                                           


                        Introduction: Variation as Form, Genre, and Technique

                        Ostinato Variations:  Ground, Passacaglia, Chaconne

                        Ostinato as Constructive Device

                        Theme and Variations

                                    Fixed and Variable Elements

                                    Types of Variations
                                    Large-Scale Organization


Chapter 12      Contrapuntal Genres                                                              


                        Introduction: Contrapuntal Genres and Textures  




                        Chorale Prelude and Cantus Firmus Techniques


Chapter 13  Vocal Forms and Genres                                                            


            Small Forms:  Hymns and Popular Songs

Verse /Refrain, Strophic Forms, Bar Form

Small Binary, Small Ternary

            Lieder/Art Song

  Text and Form

  Exapnded Song Form

            Aria Forms

                        Barqoue Da Capo Forms and Ritornello functions

                        Classical Arias and Da Capo modifications

                        Operatic Rondò: Composite Binary Form

                        19th Expanded Rondò:  Cavatina/Cabelletta

                        Choral Forms


Chapter  14  20th-Century: New Formal Processes and Techniques              


            Pitch Collections, Centricity, and Formal Processes 

Timbre, Texture and Form

            Indeterminacy and Open Forms

            Textural Form

            Form as Process: Minimalism


Bibliography of Writings on Musical Form                                                   


Glossary of Terms                                                                                          


Index of Works Cited and Subjects                                                              

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