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Android Wireless Application Development Volume I: Android Essentials, 3rd edition

  • Lauren Darcey
  • Shane Conder

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional (February 23rd 2012) - Copyright © 2012

3rd edition

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Android Wireless Application Development Volume I: Android Essentials

ISBN-13: 9780132909716

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Table of contents

Introduction 1

Who Should Read This Book     1

Key Questions Answered in This Volume     2

How These Books Are Structured     2

An Overview of Changes in This Edition     4

Development Environment Used in This Book     5

Supplementary Materials Available     6

Where to Find More Information     6

Conventions Used in This Book     7

Contacting the Authors     8



Chapter 1  Introducing Android     11

A Brief History of Mobile Software Development     11

    Way Back When     11

    “The Brick”     13

    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)     15

    Proprietary Mobile Platforms     17

The Open Handset Alliance     19

    Google Goes Wireless     19

    Forming the Open Handset Alliance     19

    Manufacturers: Designing Android Devices     20

    Mobile Operators: Delivering the Android Experience     21

    Apps Drive Device Sales: Developing Android Applications     22

    Taking Advantage of All Android Has to Offer     22

    The Android Marketplace: Where We’re at Now     22

Android Platform Differences     23

    Android: A Next-Generation Platform     24

    Free and Open Source     25

    Familiar and Inexpensive Development Tools     25

    Reasonable Learning Curve for Developers     26

    Enabling Development of Powerful Applications     26

    Rich, Secure Application Integration     26

    No Costly Obstacles to Publication     27

    A “Free Market” for Applications     27

    A Growing Platform     28

The Android Platform     29

    Android’s Underlying Architecture     29

    Security and Permissions     31

    Developing Android Applications     32

Summary     35

    References and More Infor

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