Applied Statics and Strength of Materials, 6th edition

  • George Limbrunner
  • Craig D'Allaird
  • Leonard Spiegel

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ߔhis resource provides the necessary background in mechanics that is essential in many fields, such as civil, mechanical, construction, architectural, industrial, and manufacturing technologies. The focus is on the fundamentals of material statics and strength and the information is presented using an elementary, analytical, practical approach, without the use of Calculus. To ensure understanding of the concepts, rigorous, comprehensive example problems follow the explanations of theory, and numerous homework problems at the end of each chapter allow for class examples, homework problems, or additional practice for students. Updated and completely reformatted, the Sixth Edition of Applied Statics and Strength of Materials features color in the illustrations, chapter-opening Learning Objectives highlighting major topics, updated terminology changed to be more consistent with design codes, and the addition of units to all calculations.

Table of contents

1 Introduction 1

2 Principles of Statics 16

3 Resultants of Coplanar Force Systems 31

4 Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems 62

5 Analysis of Structures 88

6 Friction 113

7 Centroids and Centers of Gravity 142

8 Area Moments of Inertia 157

9 Stresses and Strains 177

10 Properties of Materials 199

11 Stress Considerations 219

12 Torsion in Circular Sections 247

13 Shear and Bending Moment in Beams 263

14 Stresses in Beams 301

15 Deflection of Beams 334

16 Design of Beams 366

17 Combined Stresses 381

18 Columns 418

19 Connections 436

20 Pressure Vessels 456

21 Statically Indeterminate Beams 466

Appendices 485

Notation 517

Answers to Selected Problems 519

Index 527

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