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Art Beyond the West, 3rd edition

  • Michael Kampen-O'Riley

Published by Pearson (December 21st 2012) - Copyright © 2014

3rd edition

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A major survey of the visual arts that lie outside the Western tradition.


In this major survey of the arts of Africa, Western and Central Asia, India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Japan, the Pacific, and the Americas, author Michael Kampen-O’Riley presents the vast range of arts that lie outside of the Western tradition.  Within a predominantly geographic and chronological framework, he explores the arts of these areas from pre-history to present day.  The first dedicated survey of “non-Western” art, Art Beyond the West is amply illustrated and accessibly written. 


Learning Goals

Upon completing this book, readers will be able to:  

  • To recognize regional and period styles.
  • To understand styles in terms of the basic ideals around which they were created
  • See the connection between idea and form.


Table of contents

In this Section:
1) Brief Table of Contents

2) Full Table of Contents





Chapter 1. Introduction: Art Beyond the West

Chapter 2. The Islamic World

Chapter 3. India and Southeast Asia

Chapter 4. China

Chapter 5. Japan and Korea

Chapter 6. The Pacific

Chapter 7. Africa

Chapter 8. The Americas

Chapter 9. Art Without Boundaries







Chapter 1. Introduction: Art Beyond the West

        Non-Western Art and Aesthetics

        Coatlicue in Context


Chapter 2. The Islamic World

        Byzantium and The Umayyad Caliphate (661—750 CE)

        The Umayyads and Their Successors in Spain (711—1492)

        The Abbasid Caliphate (750—1258)

        Iran and Central Asia

        Anatolia and The Ottoman Turks (1453—1574)



Chapter 3. India and Southeast Asia

        The Indus Valley

        Buddhist Art

        Hindu Art

        Jain Art and Architecture

        Islamic India

        Colonial India


Chapter 4. China

        The Neolithic Period (C. 7000-2250 BCE)

        The Xia Dynasty (C. 2205-1700 BCE) and the Shang Dynasty (C. 1700-1045-480 BCE)

        The Han Dynasty

        The Period of Disunity: Six Dynasties (220-589 CE)

        The Sui Dynasty (589-618 CE) and the Tang Dynasty

        The Five Dynasties (907-60) and the Northern Song (960-1127) and Southern Song Dynasties (1127-1279)

        The Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)

        The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

        The Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)

        Modern China (From 1911)


Chapter 5. Japan and Korea

        The Jomon Period (C. 12,000/ 10,500—300 BCE) And Yayoi Period (300 BCE—300 CE)

        The Kofun Period

        Korea: The Three Kingdoms Period (57 BCE —688 CE)

        The Asuka Period (552—645 CE) and Hakuho Period (645—710 CE)

        The Nara Period (710—94 CE)

        The Heian Period (794—1185)

        The Kamakura Period (1185—1333) and Koryo Korea (918—1392)

        The Muromachi (Ashikaga) Period (1392—1573)

        The Momoyama Period (1573—1615)

        The Tokugawa (Edo) Period (1615—1868)

        The Meiji Restoration (1868—1912)

        The Modern Period (From 1912)


Chapter 6. The Pacific





        The Pacific Arts Festival


Chapter 7. Africa

        The History of African Art History

        African Prehistory

        Southern Africa

        East Africa

        Central Africa

        West Africa

         Postcolonial Africa and the Quest for Contemporary Identities

        African-American Art


Chapter 8. The Americas

        South America: The Central Andes


        Time Chart: Mesoamerica

        North America

        Native American Art in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries



Chapter 9. Art Without Boundaries

        Painting and Sculpture


        Multimedia Expressions

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